Saturday, March 31, 2012

STRIKE's First Blog Review!

A few weeks back, the awesome book bloggers at Book Passion For Life offered to review STRIKE, and they just recently posted their review!  I was beyond excited/thrilled/relieved to see that their reviewer Melanie gave STRIKE four out of five stars, and really seemed to enjoy it!  You can check out their review here: Book Passion For Life's STRIKE review!

I am so grateful for Melanie's review, and so psyched to see that she had a lot of fun with STRIKE.  She had some awesome things to say about the book, and I love how she really "got it" and even mentioned Keplar and Scatterbolt--I've spent over ten years with these characters, so it was pretty surreal to see their names mentioned in a review!

They have a TON of other reviews on their blog, and really know their stuff.  If you want some great book recommendations, check them out here: Book Passion For Life

 (please note:  neither Siskel nor Ebert work at Book Passion For Life)