Monday, May 14, 2012

Another great review for STRIKE!

A few weeks back, Melissa at the book review blog Melissa's Midnight Musings gave STRIKE a terrific 4-star review!  You can read her review (and all of her other reviews) here:  STRIKE review on Melissa's Midnight Musings

I was psyched to read a lot of the things Melissa pointed out:  she really liked the dialogue, she liked how Tobin didn't exactly embrace the idea of being a superhero at first, and, best of all, she mentioned the use of color--this was incredibly important to me during the writing process, because I was (and still am) so sick of all of these dark, depressing superhero stories.  I wanted the colors of Capricious and especially the characters' costumes to POP, so I was thrilled to hear Melissa mention that in her review.

Thanks again to Melissa's Midnight Musings for a great review!